March is Red Cross Month

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March 15, 2016      No Comments
December 12, 2007. Red Cross worker Jean Wittmer holds Braylon Evans during the filming of an American Red Cross video reenactment of a house fire in Sandusky, Ohio.

Every year since WWII, every President has declared March as Red Cross Month. Every 8-minutes the Red Cross bring aid to people all over the world. While a lot of parenting is about includes learning on the job and getting help from your friends & family, it is also important to be prepared for the unexpected accident, big or small.

The Red Cross has a great list of items that should be in every home emergency first-aid kit, Here’s a few more tips from us at Infanttech to help you be prepared for when your baby is in an emergency situation:

Take a CPR class. Usually before you leave the hospital with your new baby, you will watch a video going over basic CPR skills, but you really should take a full class. This course will be invaluable for you and your partner to not only give you peace of mind in the event of an emergency with your baby, but also if a friend or family member may become in need. The Red Cross offer classes all over the country. Find a class near you here:

Baby Proofing. The best way to prevent home injury is being proactive with your home. It is important to make sure stairs are blocked by baby-gates, plug outlets are covered, and cabinets have baby locks. Find more tips on baby safety and baby proofing on one of our previous blogs found here.

Have a good thermometer. Whether it is monitoring a cold, bone break or just in case you need a good thermometer. The Infanttech Smarttemp allows for you to monitor your little’s temperature 24/7 without disturbing them. No fuss, no muss! Just tape it onto your little under their arm and get 24/7 monitoring of your baby. Track temps, get medicine reminders, and even get a graph of their progress to share with your pediatrician.

Get your car seat checked. With so many different car seats and online resources, it can be difficult to know how to properly instal your baby’s car seat and how to position your baby in it. Your local fire department will review with you your state’s car seat law, how to properly install your car seat, and how to position your baby in your car. Find your local car seat inspection station here.

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