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Infanttech's Zooby Car and Home Video baby monitor .

Infanttech, based in Montebello, California, was founded in June 2012 with the commitment to keep babies safer while making parents’ lives easier. Infanttech is dedicated to create solutions to everyday parent/baby problems with care, passion, vision, creativity and experience.

Two real parents with infants and toddlers of their own, based on their daily experiences with them, trying to keep them safe but letting them experience the world and have fun at the same time. They founded Infanttech to put together the best technology with fun, comfort, and love in the development of new products for the safety of our kids.

What started off as a dream has become a reality and they are excited to share this journey with real parents just like them.

“Infanttech believes in making products that keep children safe. It’s amazing how one idea can make such a huge impact, change the way parents can keep an eye on their children while driving, and save lives. With the Zooby parents can glance at their child in the back seat and reduce distracted driving caused by unnecessary head turning and awkward arm reaching.”

Infanttech is very excited to share this unique monitor with parents. Every time you use the Zooby™, you will feel blessed and secure that it is now so simple to view your baby while driving.  We look forward to sharing more innovations that will make all parents’ lives easier and safer!