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February 10, 2016      No Comments
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We can all agree that bath time is one of the funnest times of the day for baby. The relaxing water, the play time and the getting clean. It is important to be educated about bath safety so that bath time can be safe and worry free. January is Bath Safety Month and at Infanttech keeping your little ones safe is our #1 priority.

Here are some tips for keeping your little ones safe during bath time.

Never Leave Them Alone
While this might seem like common sense, the Drowning Prevention Foundation says that over a 100 babies drown a year in the bathtub. This largely is due to babies being left unattended in the tub. A child can drown in an inch of water and can happen in as little as 30 seconds. Don’t leave your child unattended in the bathroom; it’s just not worth it.

Don’t Overfill The Tub
Minimize the risk of drowning by filling the tub with as little water as possible. Babies only need an inch or two of water to get clean. For kids that can sit up on their own, don’t fill the tub any higher than waist height.

Prevent Slips
Children are wobbly and fumbly, especially when water is involved. Don’t take any chances of them falling, get a slip-resistant mat for the tub. Take their safety to the next step by making sure the mat outside the tub is secured so it doesn’t slide when they step on it.

Check The Water Temperature
Water warmer than 120 degrees can cause scalding. If possibly, set your water heater to deliver water not hotter than 120 degrees. Also, make sure not to place your child in the tub until it is completely full as water temperatures coming out of the faucet can change. You can use Infanttech’s Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer to measure bath water temperature. It’s 100% waterproof.

Cover Those Sharp Edges
Even with a slip-resistant mat your little one can still slip in the tub. Get a spout cover (like this one) to protect your little one from any potential harm. (Bonus, they will love how fun a comical spout cover is.) Also if you have sliding shower doors, cover the metal rails for the door with a towel. Also avoid hard toys that could be painful to fall on in the event your child slips.

Don’t Depend On Bath Seats
While some parents think bath seats are a substitute for care, you should never leave a child unattended in a bath seat (or the bathtub, period.) Bath seats are meant to help you clean your child and that is all.

Learn CPR
This valuable skill will give you peace of mind in case something happens in the bathroom or any situation. The Red Cross has many CPR courses all over the country, find a class near you.

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