Little travelers need a surprising amount of stuff! Here’s a packing checklist of items that make traveling much easier, print it and take this list with you on your trips.

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The birth of a new child brings many challenges, like your baby’s safety. Incorrect installation of a car seat is often overlooked, resulting in putting your newborn’s life in danger. Follow this steps…

At Infanttech, the safety of your children is our highest priority. So, you should get to know the Child Passenger Safety Laws.

CBS Chicago featured Always In View baby monitor for cars as part of their creative Easter basket show.


Lizette Espinosa Venenziano, one of the Always In View® inventors, was a guest on the Steve Harvey Show. She explained the numerous benefits of using Infanttech’s Baby Monitor for Cars.

Always in View was one of the featured products at the 2014 Pre-Oscar Boom Boom Room Celebrity Suite attended by movie and TV personalities.

Here’s a sobering fact: a new study suggests that children are a greater cause of distracted driving than cell phones.