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September 27, 2018      No Comments

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Infanttech was created by parents, for parents, and when we hear that a baby has died from an accident that could have been prevented, we want to help by letting other parents know about potential dangers. My heart goes out to this mommy that lost her baby because her child was left sleeping in a car seat outside of the car.

When I saw this particular video pertaining to car seats, and using them outside of a car, I was shocked.  I did not know about the dangers of letting a baby sleep in a car seat when not inside a car. Instantly, images of how many times I had done this flashed before my eyes.

It is so easy to just take the car seat out and let the baby sleep in it. The last thing a mom or dad wants to do is wake up the sleeping baby.  But when you are a first-time parent, or even because so many others do something- it is easy to miss important information.

In September, we are especially mindful to share different tips with you to make sure that your family and baby are safe.  At infanttech we strongly believe in family, and hold onto the value that together we are stronger. We are a community, and it is true that it takes a village to raise a child, and it is a nice reminder to support each other.  In the hope that a child’s life is saved, we share this message with you so you can be aware.

Thank you for being a part of our infanttech family.


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