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Infanttech's cancellation and return policy?

What is infanttech’s cancellation policy? Products may be cancelled within 24 hours of product purchase. This date is based on each individual product’s purchase date, not the date of order placement or payment. No cancellations will be accepted after 48 hours of the product purchase. This policy applies only to items that have not yet shipped. Are the return and cancellation policies different for Pre-Order? Yes. Products may be cancelled within 15 Days of product purchase. This date is based on each individual product’s purchase date, not the date of order placement or payment. No cancellations will be accepted after 15 Days of the product purchase. This policy applies only to items that have not yet shipped. The item I purchased from your website is now on sale. Can I get a refund?  Yes, upon request. This applies only to items purchased within the previous 7 days prior to the start date of the sale. The purchase date refers to the product purchase date, not the order date or payment date. Refunds may be used for store credit.

What is the Infanttech’s return policy?

Unopened items: We are happy to assist you with returning unopened items. This includes unopened case sales. If a case has been opened, it can be returned on a case by case basis. The unopened items must be returned within 15 days of the product being purchased. This date is based on each individual product purchase date, not the date of order placement or payment. Infanttech will credit you the entire purchase price of the item (shipping fees to and from Infanttech will not be refunded). Credits will be issued in the form of store credit. Items must be packed inside a shipping box with sufficient protection. If the product is not in original condition, the credit amount will be less. Customer Service must be contacted before returning any items. Opened items or any products that have had the factory sealed tape removed, or where there is clear evidence the product packaging has been opened will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Defective items: If you receive an item that has a manufacturer’s defect we are happy to ship a replacement. Please contact us within 15 days of receiving your order. Shipping fees to and from Infanttech’s warehouses are the responsibility of the customer. Customer is responsible to ensure product is returned in its original state and not altered or damaged in any way. If the product is not in original condition or is damaged, the credit amount will be less. Shipping fees for international customers will not be refunded. Defective items may only be exchanged for the same item. We are not able to accept any item(s) that have been disassembled or modified in any way, due to the overall quality and integrity being compromised. Please note that this return policy applies only to shipped items you have received. Warranty does not cover wear and tear items such as cables, brackets, adapters, or any accessory outside of the actual camera and monitor.

Smarttemp Wireless Bluetooth thermometer

1.    What is Smarttemp? This is a smart wearable bluetooth thermometer that continuously measures your infant and your child’s temperature when they get a fever.

2.    How to use the Smarttemp? Paste Smarttemp in your baby`s armpit area with one of the included adhesive pads. The Smarttemp can record data every 3 seconds. It connects with your smart devices (such as: iPhone or iPad etc.) using Bluetooth 4.0. Parents can observe baby’s current temperature and variation trend.

3.    How to switch on/off Smarttemp?  Our Smarttemp switches on/off automatically.  There is no switch or button. When you take the Smarttemp thermometer out from the magnetic storage box, it turns on automatically. You can see a flashing green light when the device is turned on. When you place the thermometer back into the storage box, it will turn off automatically and the flashing light will turn off. 4How to use the Adhesive Pad?  Peel one adhesive pad and place the smarttemp smooth side towards the sticky portion of the pad (the side with the silver round sensor should be facing outwards and exposed). Make sure the entire Smarttemp is covered by the pad, and paste it on baby’s skin firmly before starting to measure the temperature. 5. I get an “Input Error Analytical Error” when registering and logging into the smarttemp app?  There is ongoing upgrades happening with the Net Server (the server that authenticates your account). Try logging into your WiFi network first and then go back and attempt to log into the app. This should fix the problem.

6.    Why Bluetooth disconnects frequently? Smarttemp connects and syncs with smart devices through Bluetooth 4.0 technology (Bluetooth low energy).  Because of the low energy emitted, the signal will be disturbed easily. Therefore, we suggest parents to place receiving devices (smart devices) close to the Smarttemp – within a radius of three meters (approx 10 feet). At the same time, our product has an automatic reconnection function, once it disconnects, it will reconnect immediately when within range.

7.    Because Bluetooth range is limited, is there any way to increase the range of the signal? Yes, as a matter of fact there is. The smarttemp app now has a remote login feature. Once you register your email and successfully log into your smarttemp app, on a second device, on the login screen you will see a remote login option. Click on that button and log in using the same account you just registered. in approximately 2-3 minutes your second device will sync up temperature and you will be able to monitor in real time. You can actually change the temperature alarm setting independently between the two devices.

8.    What’s the standard position to place the Smarttemp?  Make sure the metal sensor can reach the inner side skin of baby`s armpit.  Make sure your baby’s armpit can cover the whole Smarttemp when upper body is closed. 9.    How long to reach a stable temperature?  For a best and accurate measurement, hold baby`s arm tight against their body for the first 5 minutes after application. 10.    How long can the adhesive pads be used?  Please do not use the adhesive pads for more than 12h continuously.  If you are going to monitor longer, please remove thermometer from current side and place on opposite armpit area every 12 hours. Use a new adhesive pad to avoid any possible skin irritation. 11.    The Smarttemp doesn’t connect with my smart devices.  a) Please check the Bluetooth on your device is turned on and in discover mode.  If still having problems connecting please restart your device and try one more time. b) Maybe caused by a software exception. Please exit app and restart again or delete the app and reinstall again to solve this problem. c) Your Smarttemp may be too far from your smart device. Please adjust the distance and try again. Check again if you can connect. d) Your smart device is already connected with another Smarttemp. If so, please disconnect from other device and try connecting again. e) If problems above still exist, please email our Technical Support Center at smartsupport@infanttech.com 24/7 and someone will get back to you within 24 hours. 12.    The Smarttemp doesn’t display temperature information normally after connection.  a) Smarttemp may be placed on the wrong area of the body. Please check it again and make sure it is covered by armpit. Please refer to user manual for detailed instructions b) Possible arm was not held tightly. Please try again. c) If problems above still exist, please email our Technical Support Center at smartsupport@infanttech.com 24/7 and someone will get back to you within 24 hours. 13.    What if there is no sound for the alarm?  Check with your device’s configuration whether it was set as the “mute” or “silent” mode. If so, please adjust the volume and check ahgain.

14.    What kinds of receivers can Smarttemp work with? The receiver supports BLE4.0. The receiver should be an android or iOS system such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad(3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, iPad Air, iPod touch (5th generation) and android system (4.3 version and above).

15.    What does LED flash mean? When the LED light flashes once, it means the device is connected to the Bluetooth device. If the LED flashes twice, it means the device is not connected to the Bluetooth device. 16.    Will Bluetooth do harm to children? Smarttemp uses the low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which emits very low radiation.  The intensity is less than fifteen thousandth of cell phone radiation, so there is no impact of radiation to children. 17.    How does Smarttemp work? Affix the Smarttemp in the armpit area with the included adhesive patch. It connects to the receiver via Bluetooth. The receiver displays the body temperature in real time. What’s more, you can view all the historical body temperature data graph and record the events such as medicine or temperature taking. 18.    Can one Smarttemp connect to multiple receivers? To avoid data conflict, it’s not recommended to use one Smarttemp connected to multiple receivers simultaneously.  After connecting a receiver, you can log in to the same account on another smartphone device via bluetooth to check the same Smarttemp’s temperature data. 19.    Can several Smarttemp thermometers connect to one receiver? Yes, but we recommend that one Smarttemp connects to one receiver. 20.    In general, how long should the body temperature be monitored continuously? According to the child’s circumstances, you can continue to monitor until the child’s temperature becomes steady and stop monitoring after the child gets well. You should monitor no less than 5 minutes if Smarttemp is used as spot-check. 21.    Will I feel uncomfortable when I wear Smarttemp? Let’s admit it: comfort is always a problem with all wearable equipment. Making the wearable feel as comfortable as possible was our goal. We made the Smarttemp as thin and light as possible without sacrificing functionality! The sleek shape and design was designed according to the shape of babies` armpits. Basically, there`s no foreign intrusion. the Smarttemp is as thick and high as a coin. 22.    Can you make it smaller? As a product for kids, we must guarantee safety first. Specifically to avoid swallowing by mistake, there are strict policies and regulations. 23. What about safety of Smarttemp as it contacts children`s skin directly. All of materials conform to the Biological compatibility standard and ROHS standard, for safety use for children. Smarttemp is safe for baby, since it follows all relevant standards of ASTMF-86 toy safety standard/European standard En71/Chinese standard GB6675—86. Tip: a. We`ve already considered the biological compatibility. Our products have passed tests of cytotoxicity, irritation reaction of skin and delayed type hypersensitivity. Test condition satisfied requirements which consisted in GB-T 16886.5-2003 idt ISO 10993-5-1999 and 16886.10-2005 idt ISO 10993-10-2002.  b. Our products also passed tests that require RoHS2011/65/EU, at the same time, satisfied IEC62321:2008[Electronic electrical products determination of six kinds of restricted substances (Pb,Hg,Cd,Cr VI,PBBs,PBDEs)] 24. What’s the accuracy of Smarttemp? ±0.05℃ (35.00℃~38.50℃) ±0.1℃(25.00℃~34.99℃ and 38.51℃~45.00℃) 25. What about the safety of Adhesive pads? Smarttemp’s adhesive pads are the in best qualityof 3M stickers. We also  decreased the coverage area to make it a better and more comfortable wearing experience. Tip: We suggest users to use the original stickers with Smarttemp. Please do not wear more than 12 Hours. As a general rule, the stickers will not cause allergies. However, everyone differs based on personal physical differences. If your skin becomes irritated please stop using immediately and contact your doctor. You can choose another adhesive method according to your doctor`s advice.

26.    What kind of battery and time of endurance does the Smarttemp use? The Smarttemp uses a CR2032 button battery. You can use it for 360 days if use it 8 hours every day. Constant use will accelerate the consumption of battery. Please remember to put the thermometer back into the magnetic storage box when you are finished using it to ensure the Smarttemp is turned off and prolonging battery life.

27.    The Smarttemp doesn’t start up? a) Put the Smarttemp back to the magnetic box, then take it back out and look to see if the LED light flashes on. b) If it still does not work, please email our Technical Support Center at smartsupport@infanttech.com 24/7 and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

28.    What if I run out of adhesive pads? a) You can purchase aditional pads on our official website: www.infanttech.com b) Also, you can buy adhesives similar to our standard pads at your local drug store (8cm×6.5cm) 29. How do you remove the patch? Is it like ripping off a bandaid? Not exactly. You can easily remove the adhesive pad by slowly pulling from one of the corners. You can also rub baby oil over the pad then slowly lift from one of the corners. 30.    Why I can’t find the “Smarttemp APP” in the Apple App Store, when I Use my IPAD? When you use the IPad’s Apple store to download, first, make sure you use the right Key words, such as“infanttech” or “Smarttemp”. Then please select “iPhone Only”, not the “IPad Only” in Apple’s App Store. 31.    Temperature is showing less than my other thermometer, is something wrong with the Smarttemp? No, nothing is wrong with the Smarttemp. Some advice when placing the thermometer on your baby, make sure the thermometer secures snuggly in the armpit area of your baby. The provided sticky pad should suffice. However, it is best if your baby’s arm is also down to keep the thermometer sensor close to the skin. Sometimes the sticky pad may become lose and this will give you lower than normal readings. The baby’s arm lowered against the body helps to keep the thermometer’s sensor up against the skin.

Zooby Car and Home monitor

1.   What is Zooby (Formerly Always in View)? The Zooby Car and Home video baby monitor is the inaugural product in the infanttech family. This monitor is the only one on the market that truly gives parents the ability to keep their eyes on their most precious cargo at all times. Rather than be constrained by the traditional video monitor that adheres permanently to the bedroom wall, the Zooby Car and home Video baby monitor was designed from the ground up to allow parents to take it with them anywhere. Even in the car.

2. My zooby isn’t charging anymore. What’s the problem? The Lithium polymer battery has a memory component. So its like a cell phone battery, if you keep the plush camera or the monitor continually plugged in, the battery will register as “it isn’t needed” and will memorize that setting and not charge any longer. If you have the Zooby and intend to leave it plugged in all the time, we recommend you remove the battery from the plush camera. you can still use the camera without a battery if plugged in. This will not work with the older Always in View 3.5″ and 4.3″ version.

The monitor doesn’t have a removable battery therefore we recommend that the monitor does not remain plugged in continuously.

3. My Zooby has a loud humming/buzzing sound coming from the monitor, Is it defective? Great question. Although the Zooby is portable and can be used in your nursery or when traveling, it is primarily designed to be used in the car. The audio isn’t 100% optimized and you will get a humming or buzzing noise.

4. Does the Zooby lead to distracted driving? Research shows that children are the number one reason for distracted driving.  At infanttech we made the zooby to minimize that distraction. Without the zooby a driver can make dangerous moves in the car such as turning around, reaching behind their seat, and most importantly taking their eyes off the road. The zooby allows a parent to take quick glances to see their baby in the back seat  while they drive, just like they would glance down at a speedometer or a gps monitor. The zooby has day and night vision, so it can be used at any time while driving.  Our monitors were created to help minimize the actions of turning around that parents make with their children in the car.

5.   Will the Zooby become a projectile or is it crash tested? A carseat safety technician will be the first to share their concerns about anything becoming a projectile in the car in the event of an accident.  However, many car accessories used to help parents see their babies in the car, like mirrors, are NOT crash tested! We are pleased to announce that the zooby monitors have been crash tested! The zooby was placed in a carseat headrest where an independent lab simulated a 30mph crash to see if the monitor would become a projectile.  And it passed! By using the safety buckles and velcro and adjusting the headrest down, the zooby monitor will stay in place in the car.  Since there are no specific standards for monitors, infanttech used the same rigorous standard that car seats go through FMVSS 213. 6.   Is it legal to place a monitor screen on your car dashboard? We encourage all users to check their local laws as they may vary.  States differ, but if you have an equipment that allows you to operate the vehicle more safely, it is allowed. An example is a GPS system.

Studies show that children are the number one reason for distracted driving. Our zooby is meant support parents when they drive by allowing them to take quick glances similar to a GPS system, and still keep their eyes and faces forward. It will let a parent know if they need to pull off the road in the event there is an emergency.
From our checks we’ve found that it is against the law to view a video for entertainment purposes on a car dashboard, but, if one is using an instrument that will help operate a car, then it is allowed.  The Zooby is not a recording device or an entertainment device.

Our monitors were crash tested, they serve the same purpose as a mirror but do it better, and they do give parents peace of mind.

7.   My monitor or camera doesn’t stay on? The problem you are experiencing is that the monitor (and/or camera) was constantly plugged in (whether during use or continuously)  and the battery has been damaged. Both the camera and monitor batteries are lithium polymer batteries that are similar to cell phone batteries and if constantly plugged, besides being plugged in for charging, the battery cells start depleting and stop holding the charge. This also disrupts the functionality of the Zooby.

8.   How long does the battery last?  The battery lasts approximately 3-5 hours on a full charge. Please make sure to fully charge the monitor and camera between uses and do not let the power drain all the way down to 0% to maximize battery use.

9.   Can this be used in the nursery and the car? If so, is it difficult to move between the nursery and the car? That’s a good question. Although the Zooby is designed for the car, the Zooby can be used in the nursery as well as when travelling. It is very easy to move between nursery and car. Simply detach the buckles on the plush camera and unclip the monitor from its bracket. Then take with you. That simple.

10.   Does this have night vision? Yes the Zooby comes equipped with night vision for those night driving trips or simply to use in the nursery at night.

11.   Is the video HD?  Although the video image on the screen is high quality it is not HD like your cell phone or TV. Unfortunately, that would be very cost prohibited.

12.   How far can the monitor still pick up a signal?  The range between monitor and camera reached approximately 100′

13.  My Zooby doesn’t turn off?  To turn off the Zooby, you will need to hold down the power button for 2-3 seconds and then release. Note the green light will not turn off while holding down the button. It will turn off once you release the button. 14. The green light on my Zooby keeps slowly flashing and doesn’t turn off, what’s going on?  If you hold down the power button too long you will see a slow flashing green light which means you now put the camera into “pairing” mode.  At that point, you will need to wait until the green light becomes solid again and then attempt to turn off the camera again with the instructions in #13. 15. How do I pair the monitor with the camera?  Follow these simple steps and you should be good to go. You will need a paper clip or toothpick for one of the steps below. Locate the “Pair” hole on the right side of the monitor if you are looking at the screen. Remember that as we will come back to that in step 3.

  1. Turn on the monitor until you see “No signal”
  1. From the OFF position, press and hold the power button on the plush camera until you see a slow, steady, flashing green light. Release the power button.
  1. Quickly get the paper clip and poke into the “Pair” hole. Within 1-2 seconds the image should appear on the screen.

These 3 steps will get you up and running in no time. 16. My cable broke, I need a new cable. If you need any replacement parts, please visit https://infanttech.com/accessories-and-gift-cards/ to purchase any parts you may need. Some items may not be listed online. Please contact sales@infanttech.com if you need any parts that aren’t listed online. 17.   Check back soon for updated and detailed FAQs. In the meantime contact Customer Support for troubleshooting support at 855.422.2983 x1