National Day of Unplugging

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March 4, 2016      No Comments

national unplug day

Today is the National Day of Unplugging. It was created in 2003 to challenge people to keep their electronic devices unplugged and unused for 24 hours in order to give themselves the chance to take a break and spend time relaxing with family, friends, or alone.
So, how can a parent find the right balance? The experts offer the following solutions:
– Figure out which triggers are most distracting for you.
– Watch your children’s cues constantly, and always acknowledge their basic needs.
– Schedule specific tech-free family time.
– Think twice before using a mobile device while you’re with your children.
– Check email before the kids gets up, while they’re at school, or after they go to bed.
– Walk in the door unplugged after work.
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