Frequently Asked Questions: smarttemp

smarttemp® Bluetooth Manual

Quickly press down and let go of the power button, you will see the monitor cycle to the next channel. Channels: 1, 2, and split screen.Section 2 FAQs

Do not remove the smarttemp from it's clear case until Step 7.

Step 1: Download the smarttemp® app to your smart device.

Step 2: Open app to create account and register your smarttemp®. Check your email and confirm you registration before moving on to next step. Check your spam folder too!

Step 3. Give permission access to smarttemp® app. Go to your smart device settings. Go to "applications permissions", then tap the smarttemp® app. Grant permission to ALL 3 settings.

Step 5: Turn your smart devices Bluetooth on. Do not try to pair yet.

Step 6: Open smarttemp® app and log in.

Step 7: Remove smarttemp® from case. It will now automatically turn on and pair to your smart device. (Side Note- to turn off and store, place back into case.)

Step 8: Attach the smarttemp® thermometer to your child's under arm area with the provided adhesive patches. Allow 5 minutes for smarttemp® to warm up and display accurate data in the app.

We're sorry for the inconvenience! We run regular maintenance on the Net Server to authenticate your account, which may occasionally disrupt connection. Log into your WiFi network before you log into the app to resolve the error.

smarttemp® connects with your smart device using Bluetooth. Parents can monitor baby's temperature and variation trend from their smart device. The smarttemp® is placed on the underarm are with the include hypoallergenic adhesive pads. Wait 5 minutes after application for most accurate reading.

The accuracy of of smarttemp® temperature reading ranges from +0.05°C (35.00°~38.50°C) +0.1°C (25.00°C~34.99°C and 38.51°~45.00°C).

All of smarttemp®'s materials meet Biological Compatibility Standards and ROHS Standards, for safe use for children. Our products have passed tests of cytotoxicity, irritation reaction of skin and delayed type hypersensitivity.

smarttemp® uses low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which emits very low radiation. The intensity is less than one fifteen of a thousandth of cell phone radiation and is safe.

smarttemp® meets requirements and standards for: ASTMP-86 toy safety standard/European, standard En71/Chinese standard GB6675-86 GB-T 16886.5-2003 idt ISO 10993-5-1999, 16886.10-2005 idt ISO 10993-10-2002, RoHS2011/65/EU, IEC62321:2008 [Electronic electrical products determination of six kinds of restricted substances (Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr, VI, PBBs, PBDEs)].

You can download the smarttemp® app via the Apple App store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Fire tablet/tv. smarttemp® only works with iOS 11.x.x and Android devices 4.x devices. smarttemp® is compatible with iTouch.

1. Check your device's app settings Settings> App permission settings> smarttemp® app. Accept all permissions.

2. Turn on Bluetooth

3. Log into the smarttemp® app

Yes, but we recommend only connecting to one device at a time for a smooth app experience and to avoid data conflicts.