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Frequently Asked Questions- zooby kin

zooby® kin Manual

• How do I connect my zooby kin?

Below is a video tutorial on how to connect a 1 and 2 zooby cameras to a single monitor screen.

• Why does my zooby kin run out of battery so quickly?

If it seems the zooby camera has disconnected from the monitor it may seem like the zooby camera battery has ran out even when it's fully charged. This is not a battery issue, but an issue with channel 1. To resolve this problem, pair the zooby camera to channel 2 (see instructions below)

The zooby camera battery should last 4-5 hours continuously. If you need assistance please reach email our support team, and we will be happy to help you out.

• Pairing one zooby® camera to Channel 2 of the monitor screen: 

You will need a paperclip or toothpick for this "pairing" set up. Start with both the camera and monitor screen OFF. Instructions with images here.

Step 1: Push and hold for the monitor screen power button for 3 seconds to turn on. You are now on channel 1. Quickly push the power button again. You are now on Channel 2.
Step 2: Locate the recessed "Pair" button on the right side of the monitor screen. Use a paper clip to quickly push the "pair" button. 

Step 3: Next, hold down the zooby® kin cameras power button for approximately 6-8 seconds. Your camera is now streaming to the monitor.

• How does zooby® kin Baby Monitor work?

The zooby® kin monitor works by directly connecting the monitor screen to the zooby® camera with radio frequency.

• Do I need to download an application for my zooby® kin Baby Monitor?

No, zooby kin® comes with a monitor screen that connects automatically to the zooby® camera without the need for an app or the internet.

• Is zooby® kin legal to use in the car?

Please check your local laws regarding use of hands free devices. It is the users responsibility to know and comply with the local and state laws wherever the device is used. Other hands free devices include navigation systems, mounted cell phones, and/or a cars built in counsel.

• Is zooby® kin safe to use in the car?

In the event of a car accident, car accessories that are used to see children in the backseat (we're talking about you, baby mirror!) are not crash tested. infanttech is proud to that our zooby® kin is crash test approved!

Independent lab simulated a car crash with a zooby® installed on the car's headrest (exactly how you'd install your own zooby®) to test if the monitor would become a projectile. When used as directed , zooby® kin will stay in place. Since there are no specific standards for car baby monitors, we used the same rigorous merit test that infant car seats go through for (FMVSS 213).

• How do I cycle through viewing channels on the monitor when using more than one zooby® kin camera?

By quickly pressing down and letting go of the power button you will see the monitor change between channels 1, 2, and split screen.