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Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer Gift Set – Giraffe

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Product Description

Introducing the Infanttech Smarttemp Gift Set – Ready for Any Baby Shower!

When fever strikes, Infanttech’s new FDA-approved bluetooth baby thermometer provides parents a better way to track your child’s temperature in real time through your smartphone.

Using Bluetooth technology, a parent can keep baby close, but not disturb them when checking their temperature. The smarttemp is the ONLY bluetooth thermometer that monitors both high temps and low temps! Now you can monitor your baby when fever spikes and even if your baby’s temperature drops below normal! This gift set has everything you need to sooth your baby – a cute, cuddly baby rattle and a soft 100% cotton receiving blanket both resembling one of our Zooby plush styles, an instant thermometer to check for fever, a carrying bag for your smarttemp and accessories, and our popular, FDA approved Smarttemp for the continuous monitoring of your baby’s temperature.

Here’s a better option:

– Get alerts when the temperature rises or drops beyond the set thresholds
– Receive medicine reminders when it’s time for another dosage
– Parents can share the temperature graph with their Doctor
– Easy placement underarm with stcky pad (15 sticky pads included)
– Rinse with soap and warm water after each use to keep it clean for years of use
– Place back in storage case to automatically turn off thermometer, preserving battery life
– Get up to 3 years of battery life with no charging required!

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Smarttemp is easy to use. Simply download the smartphone app (Available for both iOS and Android), place the thermometer under baby’s underarm with adhesive pad, and monitor your baby’s temperature. Smarttemp comes with the thermometer, a smarttemp storage case, 15 sticky pads, and has up to a 3 year battery life with no charging required.


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