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We can all agree, there is nothing in this world worse than a baby with a cold. With the cold weather, freezing winds, dry air and sneezing people everywhere you go, germs wreaks havoc on our little one’s body causing so much discomfort and illness. While it is a very stressful time for us parents, there are things you can do to keep your baby comfortable and on the path to recovery.

Cool Mist Humidifier
Help clear away stuffy noses by running a cool mist humidifier when your baby sleeps. This will keep the nasal passageways moist so nothing can stick to the nose, ears and throat. You only need to set it to low or low-medium and use filtered or distilled water in the humidifier to keep it running best.

Nasal Care
Keep baby’s nose clear by combining the use of saline drops and clearing out their nose. Put a few drops of saline in their nose while they are laying down. Then after about a minute suck their nose with a bulb syringe or a Nose Frida. You only want to do this about 3 times a day so not to irritate their nasal passageway.

Keep Them Hydrated
Breastfeed or bottle feed your baby regularly to avoid dehydration. Additionally, the milk will have extra nutrients to help boost their immune system.

Take A Steam
Steam can help relieve your baby’s nose and any build up they may have on their chest. Turn the shower on hot and sit outside the shower with baby (wearing just a diaper) for about 15 minutes to help break up the phlegm.

Watch Their Temperature
A spike in your baby’s temperature can be the sign of a serious problem. With a little help from Smarttemp, keep track of your baby’s temperature in real time with your smartphone. You will get alerts when their temperature rises, receive medical or treatment reminders, and track their body temp. You can also share the temperature graph with the doctor if needed. Just stick it under their arm with the provided pad and monitor your baby 24 hours at a time.

Plenty Of Rest
Plenty of sleep will give your baby’s body the ability to fight whatever is going on in their body. The more sleep the better.

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