Our Story

Business and marriage partners, Lizette and Giuseppe are the Co-Founders of infanttech. They both joke that the first year of working together was harder than their first year of marriage, but they’re enjoying the ride together. Their journey began with a problem that many parents face on a daily basis: driving with baby. 

Why we created zooby

Parents, you’re not alone- Lizette felt anxious when driving with their first baby too! She found herself not being able to focus on the road and struggled with having to rely on useless baby mirrors or dangerously turning around. Why couldn’t she just have a tool to help her see their baby without having to compromise their safety? When Lizette shared her fears and frustrations with her husband, Giuseppe was inspired to solve the problem. After much brainstorming he created a prototype of the first zooby Baby Monitor for Cars- and now here we are!

Growing Pains

In 2013 when infanttech debuted a prototype of zooby at a large trade show, a well-known social media influencer loudly and aggressively shared her concerns about the zooby. One comment that struck Lizette and Giuseppe was that the zooby was a potential projectile in the car. Lizette and Giuseppe credit this influencer as being the hard and necessary push for them to achieve the highest child car safety standards, and with that new insight they decided to crash test the zooby. With the addition of a double closure Velcro and buckle safety straps, the zooby passed the sled crash test! Now zooby was ready to safely enter the market. What they thought was devastating feedback turned into a sweet success. They’ve come a long way since that first trade show. Now they have committed to continuously educate themselves and lead the industry on safety while on the road with your baby. Most recently Giuseppe became a Certified Passenger Safety Technician!  We cannot thank this influencer enough for helping us get our crash test approval and inspiring us to devote our company to your family's safety.

We're here for you

Not enough new parents ask for help- mainly because their lives have been thrown into a dream state. They’re ecstatic, but crazy tired! Lizette is passionate about the mental well being of parents and she knows the first few months can be very challenging with a newborn, especially because of sleep deprivation. Lizette and Giuseppe begin all their projects by asking themselves 'How we can step in and support parents?' We take pride in helping ease this new transition in their lives. infanttech wants to bring not just peace of mind, but joy! Most of all, we have been humbled to know that using zooby has saved babies lives in the past. We are dedicated to making a difference and positive impact for your family.

Our Values

infanttech is about family, education, quality and most importantly, safety. Check out our non-profit site, infanttech Cares, to see how we actualize our values! We address anything that has to do with being safe in the car- from bringing awareness to distracted driving with children in the car, to sharing ideas on how to create new habits so baby isn’t left unsupervised in the car. We’re so excited to share this information with you: together we can save lives.
Welcome to the infanttech family!