Our Story

Business and marriage partners, Lizette and Giuseppe, began their journey with a stressful task that many people face on a daily basis: driving with baby.

It's hard to check on your little one if you're straining to see in a wobbly distorted baby mirror. Turning around is dangerous and just as unhelpful.

Together they set out to create an reliable and safe way to monitor baby in the car. After much research, safety testing, and redesigns, the multi-purpose zooby® Baby Monitor that we know and love today was developed and launched in 2013.

Growing Pains

When infanttech debuted the fist prototype of zooby® at a large trade show, a well-known social media influencer vehemently shared her safety concerns about the zooby®. She brought to their attention the potential for unsecured items to become a projectile in the car. Lizette and Giuseppe credit this influencer as the push in understanding the importance of achieving and enforcing the highest safety standards.

zooby® was certified crash tested to NHTSA standards.

We integrated safety as a core value. Giuseppe personally went a step future and trained to become a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. infanttech is committed to continuing our safety education and leading the conversation on safety while on the road with your baby.