zooby® Baby Monitor | Bailey Lapin

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zooby® est un babyphone polyvalent conçu pour les parents, par les parents. Utilisez le moniteur sans fil pour avoir l'esprit tranquille sur la route et au-delà.

Dans la voiture, zooby® vous permet de surveiller facilement les tout-petits dos à la route ou face à la route tout en gardant les yeux vers la route en toute sécurité. Emportez le moniteur portable et convivial partout - des vacances à la maison de grand-mère !

🙌 Configuration facile.

🔐 Connexion directe sécurisée, pas besoin d'internet !

🔎 Cou pliable réglable pour une vue parfaite.

🔋 Utilisez et chargez en déplacement.

🌙 Caméra HD avec vision nocturne.

- (1) Caméra en peluche
- (1) écran du moniteur
- (1) câble de charge de moniteur de 3 pieds
- (1) câble de chargement de caméra USB Type-C de 8 pieds
- (2) adaptateurs de voiture USB
- (2) bloc de charge USB Home
- (1) support de voiture pour moniteur
- (1) clip de support de moniteur
- (1) Batterie lithium-ion intégrée de 1700 mAh (5h d'autonomie)
- (1) Manuel d'instructions
- Garantie 6 mois

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I ordered this for my son & daughter-in-law. It worked great - being able to see the baby was very easy. The night vision was a nice, added surprise..

A coworker just had a baby, so I had to order another one for him & his wife. They are excited to use it..

They just received it last Thursday, and the little one just arrived, so they have not gone out yet.. But they love it already.

Both times, the order arrived one time & it was packaged well..

If you're looking for a nice baby gift or a parent wanting to keep an eye on your baby or even your toddler, you will like this.

I wish this was around when I had my kids..


Best gift for first time moms 💗

Judith L Oshlick
Great product!

Love your products. I’m a grandma and my daughter has Bailey Bunny for her baby. I was so impressed with the flexibility of your product that I purchased one for my house, to use while I’m babysitting.


Took waaaay longer to ship and receive product than website promises. Emailed customer service and was promised a free gift which was never received.