zooby® Baby Monitor | Cooper Canine


zooby® est un babyphone polyvalent conçu pour les parents, par les parents. Utilisez le moniteur sans fil pour avoir l'esprit tranquille sur la route et au-delà. 

Dans la voiture, zooby® vous permet de surveiller facilement les tout-petits dos à la route ou face à la route tout en gardant les yeux vers la route en toute sécurité. Emportez le moniteur portable et convivial partout, des vacances à la maison de grand-mère !

🙌 Configuration facile.

🔐 Connexion directe sécurisée, pas besoin d'internet !

🔎 Cou pliable réglable pour une vue parfaite.

🔋 Utilisez et chargez en déplacement.

🌙 Caméra HD avec vision nocturne.

- (1) Caméra en peluche
- (1) écran du moniteur
- (1) câble de charge de moniteur de 3 pieds
- (1) câble de chargement de caméra USB Type-C de 8 pieds
- (2) adaptateurs de voiture USB
- (2) bloc de charge USB Home
- (1) support de voiture pour moniteur
- (1) clip de support de moniteur
- (1) Batterie lithium-ion intégrée de 1700 mAh (5h d'autonomie)
- (1) Manuel d'instructions
- Garantie 6 mois

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

The battery life is definitely NOT getting you places. We were so excited to get this, but disappointed afterwards. The picture is great! My daughter loves the dog. But… you have to turn both the viewing monitor and the plush camera units off manually after each use. And even then the battery died before a single day was done. There really should be cord option.


Camera quality is horrible


Great little camera. Doubles as a stuffed animal toy for kiddo to cuddle and play (gently) with. The camera part needs to be plugged in pretty much constantly. The screen part holds a charge for about 4 days with about 20-30 min daily use. It’s a little annoying to have to turn both parts on every time. It would be better if you only had to turn the screen on. Another note: The car adapters provided are pretty cheap quality. One of ours quit working within a couple of months. Easy and cheap to replace; and most people probably have at least one in their car for charging their cell phone, that can be used to also charge or run either the screen or the camera of the Zooby.


Love the camera system, but keep the car charger handy as the battery doesn’t last long


I love this product, however I noticed the battery dies very quickly.