2023 Battery Safety Update

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Update: May 10, 2023

The only affected battery is:

Model 554050

Batch 2136

If you do not have this batch and model, your zooby is cleared for use.


How to Remove the Battery:
How to Remove Battery
- We are actively working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to determine further steps and a solution.
-zooby sales are being placed on HOLD until we receive further instructions from the CPSC

We know many of you purchased the zooby because of its cuddly plush and wireless capabilities. At this time, we ask that if you have a zooby with the battery identified as 554050 batch 2136 as noticed above, we ask that you remove the battery, contact us at hello@infanttech.com with a photo of the battery and your mailing address, and continue using the zooby as a wired baby monitor until we get a replacement battery to you. Do not throw away the battery as we will require it back for forensic studies. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we are working diligently to solve this matter and apologize for the temporary inconvenience.