Extend Care Plan

The Extend ADH Protection Plan begins at the time of purchase. The ADH Plan covers damages caused by accidents such as drops, creaks and spills.

If the Extend plan you choose lasts longer than our manufactures warranty (6 months), then it will also protect against mechanical or electrical breakdown, once the manufactures warranty expires. The warranty starts from day 1 of purchase and includes accidental breakage.

Unfortunately, no- not at this time.

A protection plan can be purchased online at time of purchase on infanttech.com

The Extend Protection Plan is a single replacement program that allows for a 1-time replacement of a like or comparable product should it become defective. 

Extend provides peace of mind and financial protection should there be an accident with your product, such as a drop, spill or break. Extend is a reliable service that makes purchasing and filing claims on protection plans easy though an online portal

Customers will receive an email after their purchase that contains their contract ID, warranty term length, coverage dates, and product name.

Yes, the replacement product will be covered. The original contract will be cancelled, and the customer will be issued a new contract ID for the replacement product in order for the Effective & Expiration Dates to align to the new product’s manufacturer warranty term.

zooby, smarttemp, smarttemp Care Package. Not applicable to accessories.zooby, smarttemp, smarttemp Care Package. Not applicable to accessories

Extend makes it easy to file a claim either through the call center or online. When making a claim, you will be required to provide their contract ID, email address, or another identifying piece of information.

Yes, the Customer can cancel their coverage at any time.

If the Extend plan is canceled within 60 days of purchase you will receive a full refund. If they cancel 60 days or more after purchase, they will receive a pro-rata refund. 

infanttech customer support: support@infanttech.com

Extend Customer Care Team at 877-248-7707 or support@extend.com.