Frequently Asked Questions- zooby WiFi

zooby® WiFi Manual

Due to Sprint and T-Mobile cellular networks, users are experiencing buffering issues on the zooby app (you know, that star that keeps spinning and going nowhere). The case is similar to iPhone users- the processing causing delays in image streaming or intermittent freezing.
We have a solution for you! The zooby®  app does work when you put your cell phone into Airplane Mode and connect to WiFi.


This does not affect the use of the zooby®  app with the infanttablet


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Customer Care:

Whenever you connect to zooby® , it will start at the original setting of 15 frames per second (FPS). If there are many wireless devices nearby, this may effect the real time streaming. While in zooby®  app, click on your smart device’s screen to pop up a hidden menu. There, use the left arrow button so you may change the settings to 5 FPS to compensate for the many wireless interferences around. You can also change to 30 FPS when there is zero interference using the right arrow button.

Forgetting your password happens. Don't worry, we can help you! You will reset your zooby®  to its factory settings. Press down on the Power button, hold while the green light becomes dim, and continue to hold until the green light begins to flash.


zooby®  is now reset and you can begin initial set up to create a new password.


If you changed your password and are unable to login still, what commonly happens is that the Auto Fill feature was used when creating the new password. This adds a space after the new password. Here's how to resolve this issue:

Go to the WiFi settings on your phone, and do not auto connect to the zooby®. You need to "forget the network". Type in the password and add a space after it. Then, connect to the zooby®.