Crash Tested for a Safer Journey

zooby® was crash tested to the same safety standards as car seats so that it won't become a projectile.

Stay Focused with zooby®️

No more dangerously turning around or looking at a reflection. See, hear, & know baby is ok, day or night!

zooby®️ is here to stay

Our secure velcro & buckle closure keeps zooby® in place preventing it from becoming a projectile.


The heavy-duty suction cup secures the monitor for steady, live feed & crystal clear audio.

Protect their eyes!

Baby mirrors can reflect harmful sunrays onto baby's face.

What is a projectile?

It all comes down to Newton's First Law of Motion: an object in motion stays in motion.

If you kick a ball into a goal, it tries to continue forward and only stops moving because of the net.

In the car, this means:

• Any unsecured objects will continue to move forward, becoming a projectile.

• If you slam on the brakes or are in an accident, projectiles can cause serious injury.

You Deserve Peace of Mind