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  • Tips for Finding Balance When You Work from Home

    Balancing work and life becomes a lot harder when you start working from home. Whether you’re new to remote work or you’ve been doing this for years, you’re likely well aware of the challenges involved in juggling childcare, chores, and work deadlines. Your career demands a lot of your time, but so does your family! 
  • Baby Proofing Guide

    Baby proofing is a matter of making a home safe for your baby now and into the future as they grow. Babies begin their life at home relatively safe because their limited mobility. In early infancy, babies can barely see and have no ability to move around independently. They can't roll over, can't support the weight of their own head and don't have full control to unclench their own fingers! However, some may be surprised at how fast that all changes. By about 3 months old, babies can grab onto things and around 6 months old, many are able to sit up. As your baby changes, your house and surroundings must change as well. Babies and toddlers love to learn about and explore their world. They learn by picking things up, moving around, putting things in their mouth and by poking or touching things within their reach.
  • Car Seat Safety: When NOT to Use the LATCH Anchors

    Did you know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has deemed that car seats should NOT be installed using the lower LATCH anchors if the combined weight of the child and the car seat is over 65 lbs. The concern is that the lower LATCH anchors in your vehicle may not be strong enough to restrain a heavier child under severe crash loads. Once your child and the car seat exceed the weight limit, you should stop using the lower anchors and switch to a seatbelt installation.
  • Soothing Baby in the Car

    One of the most heart wrenching sounds a parent hears is their baby crying. And it's just that much more heartbreaking in the car where you can't really do much to comfort baby. While driving, figuring out why baby is crying it only half the battle. How do you comfort a baby in the car when most of the go to tricks only work outside a car seat?! 
  • Crafting Your Upcycled Baby Mirror

    So you discovered zooby kin and now you don't know what to do with your old baby mirror. Upcycle it! Mirrors are a great way to spark curiosity and motivate baby, especially during Tummy Time. Mirrors help develop fine motor skills, like reaching and grasping, and support visual tracking. Mirrors also encourage imitation and teaches emotions and vocabulary.
  • Stay-At-Home Parent? How About Making Money Online! Written By Guest Author: Gwen Payne

    These days, it’s not only possible to make money from home, but it can even be a feasible way to make a living. This can be a real boon to stay-at-home parents as it’s a great way to supplement the family income without avoiding the responsibilities of home and family. And happily, it’s relatively easy to start earning extra income from home.
  • Stressed and Pregnant: Covid Addition

    Going through the birthing process can be stressful enough, but Covid has greatly impacted that stress. Obstacles like new regulations and social distancing are changing a lot of people's ideal pregnancy journeys. Here are some resources and tips to help flesh out a pregnancy and birthing plan in the midst of the pandemic. 
  • Projectiles in the Car

    When you have kids to drive around, lots of stuff ends up in the car- It’s bound to happen!  But did you know loose items in your car can become a projectile? Before we get into exactly how to protect yourself and family from projectiles, what exactly is a projectile? zooby is crash tested.
  • Preventing Porch Piracy

    infanttech now uses Signature Confirmation on all orders over $50. Signature Confirmation not only provides standard tracking information but also provides reassurance. We hope to give shoppers extra peace of mind by ensuring packages are actually received by the intended recipient. 
  • The Finest Finances for Parents

     Written By: Derek Cannon Having a baby enriches your life in many ways. But with every new bundle of joy comes plenty of additional expenses, fi...
  • Preventing Child Hot Car Deaths

    52 children perished from being left in a hot cars in the U.S. in 2019. However, devastating child loss from heatstroke in a car is entirely preventable. Below are just a few tips to help keep your child from becoming the next statistic. 
  • The Whole Conversation on Children's Safety in the Car

    When it comes to our children's safety in the car, often the first thing to pop in people's heads is car seats. Though of course this is extremely important, there is more to the topic of safety in the car. It is important to also talk about sleep deprivation, distracted driving, and what how to prep for changing routines.  These conversations can make a difference in saving a child's life!