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  • Preventing Porch Piracy

    infanttech now uses Signature Confirmation on all orders over $50. Signature Confirmation not only provides standard tracking information but also provides reassurance. We hope to give shoppers extra peace of mind by ensuring packages are actually received by the intended recipient. 
  • The Finest Finances for Parents

     Written By: Derek Cannon Having a baby enriches your life in many ways. But with every new bundle of joy comes plenty of additional expenses, fi...
  • Preventing Child Hot Car Deaths

    52 children perished from being left in a hot cars in the U.S. in 2019. However, devastating child loss from heatstroke in a car is entirely preventable. Below are just a few tips to help keep your child from becoming the next statistic. 
  • The Whole Conversation on Children's Safety in the Car

    When it comes to our children's safety in the car, often the first thing to pop in people's heads is car seats. Though of course this is extremely important, there is more to the topic of safety in the car. It is important to also talk about sleep deprivation, distracted driving, and what how to prep for changing routines.  These conversations can make a difference in saving a child's life! 
  • The Frazzled Parent’s Guide to Engaging Kids Stuck at Home

    Being cooped up at home can be very hard for children. It’s just as hard for parents, too — maybe even more so. The solution is to introduce some structure into your stuck-at-home life and incorporate activities that are fun enough to keep your kids engaged for hours on end, while also sneaking in learning opportunities for peak productivity. 
  • A Letter From Lizette

    Hi infanttechies,

    Today I have been reflecting, reflecting on exactly what this crisis means and how to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Love and community is what will guide us through this difficult time.

  • Book Scavenger Hunt: Printable

    A book scavenger hunt is a great way to engage your kids, play a game, and maybe squeeze in some reading time. Just print and search, happy scavenging!
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Printable

    No need to go outside when there is fun to be had inside. A indoor scavenger hunt is a fantastic tool to encourage your kids to think! Just print and let the good times commence.
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Printable

    A outdoor scavenger hunt is the perfect way to engage your kids. This is some simple, easy fun in the sun for you and your kids. Just print and begin the hunt!
  • Your commute & COVID-19: Preventive tips

    Prevention is the key to keeping our families safe and healthy during this pandemic scare. We are urging everyone to sanitize their cars thoroughl...
  • An Open Letter From Our CEO on COVID-9

    I'm reaching out to our entire infanttech family to address the evolving global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis because there is nothing more importa...
  • 21 Activities for Families with Quarantine Cabin Fever

    It may seem overly cautious to self-quarantine if you aren't sick, but the best way to keep the virus from spreading is to participate in social di...