Make Money Helping Parents on Social Media

Make Money Helping Parents on Social Media

Make Money Helping Parents on Social Media

Brand Ambassador programs can be a fun way to earn disposable income. Social media is a convenient resource because once content is publicly posted, it's working around the clock to widen its audience. While you're running errands or fast asleep, a post can gain tons of views across multiple days. When consumers make a purchase using an ambassador's unique promo code, it alerts the brand and the brand pays the ambassador for the referral*. In turn, the consumer gets an offer, usually a discount, on their order. It's a streamlined system that's mutually beneficial to all parties involved! 

InfantTech has partnered with ShoutOut to create a brand ambassador program. There are no fees, no minimum number of followers required, and no quota. 


Don't have a zooby Baby Monitor? 

That's ok! You can still help parents gain peace of mind by introducing them to zooby. You're welcome to reshare any content from our social media platforms. 

Not sure what to say? 

We got you! We have several topics for you: 

  • Crash tested
  • HD monitor with night vision
  • Stream 2 zoobys to 1 monitor with split screen mode
  • Rechargeable battery (portable outside of the vehicle)
  • 30 Day Happiness Guarantee

How much can you make? 

Earn $10 via PayPal for every zooby Baby Monitor** sold using your special referral code, which also gives the consumer $10 off their zooby. There is no cap on how much you can earn! You'll get paid around the 10th of the month following the sale. Track your earnings anytime from the ShoutOut portal. 

How to start? 

Sign up for free, it's a fast process! If you have any questions or could use more support, reach out to us. Stay up to date with infanttech by following us on social and signing up for our newsletter at the footer below.


*You will not get paid for leads through coupon sites. Posting on coupon sites will result in termination. Read our Terms & Conditions for full details.

** zooby 2-in-1 counts as one unit.