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Traveling with Family in the Winter

Traveling with Family in the Winter

Winter is coming! Time for cold weather, warm clothing, family, and travel. You'd be surprised how few realize the proper way to fasten a car seat while keeping their child warm. Please share these tips with friends and family as a way to show you care! 

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"Baby, it's cold outside" 

Thick, heavy jackets are a great way to stay warm outside the car. Bulky clothing can prevent the harness straps of a car seat from being tightened properly. A child may look safely buckled up in their snow jacket, but once the jacket is removed, the harness is far too loose. Keep warm and safe with a light jacket on (eg. fleece), a blanket over the harness, and the heater turned on. You can also place the child's coat on backwards after buckling in. 

If you have a baby, buckle snugly and place a blanket around the baby. You can also buy a car seat cover ("shower cap style") to fasten over the car seat.

Follow the instructions on your car seat manual and follow your state's car seat and child safety laws. 


Stay Focused on the Road 

Sometimes, instinct kicks in and tells you to check that your child is safe. While driving, the rear view mirror is intended to stay focused on the back window (the road) at all times. Rear view mirrors, like baby mirrors, are subject to sun glare and is easily compromised by darkness at night or when it snows or rains. Rear view mirrors also cannot provide a clear view of a rear facing child. 

Getting a baby monitor is a great way to get a clear view of your child in quick glances while on the road. The camera faces the child and the monitor relays real time footage with sound. However, it is important that a baby monitor also has a night vision feature so you're not limited by dark. 

infanttech designed the zooby Baby Monitor to be the safest tool for checking on your child while driving. Plus, it has fun designs to choose from. Instead of just a plain-view camera, you get to select a cute and comforting plush animal with soft fabric. The camera peeks out from the zooby plush's nose area. The zooby's neck has Bendi-neck technology to adjust the camera angle. To attach zooby, you use a strap buckle and velcro to secure it around the base of the head rest then push the head rest down to lock it in place. zooby was crash tested to the same standards as car seats for your peace of mind. The HD monitor includes night vision and sound. Both are portable and can be used wirelessly or with a rechargeable battery so that you can use your baby monitor outside the car. When your whole world is in the backseat, zooby helps you see. 

Give zooby a try! We have a 30 day happiness guarantee. 

Follow your state's laws regarding mounting monitors. 


Images without zooby are by Car Seats for the Littles.