Multi-Purpose Baby Monitor Designed with You in Mind

If your state law allows, mount the HD monitor on the lower left hand corner of your windshield for maximum view of the road.

Clear View

Easy setup! Secure the velcro & buckle closure. Push the head rest all the way down after attaching zooby®.

Won't Budge

Keep Your Eye On The Road

No more dangerously turning around.

Ouchy Sunray's

Backseat baby mirrors reflect harmful sunray's into baby's eyes and face.

Tested for Safety

zooby®️ was crash tested under the same standards as car seats. Most baby mirrors and car baby monitors are not crash tested.

Use Anywhere

Mirrors & other car monitors can't be used outside of the car.

Mirrors Don't Work at Night

With our night vision feature, you can quickly check on baby at night.

Make the Switch

Ditch the distorted, wobbly baby mirror! zooby® provides better peace of mind inside the car & on the go. #BetterThanABabyMirror