Are Used Car Seats a Safe Choice?

Are Used Car Seats a Safe Choice?

Are Used Car Seats a Safe Choice?

We know how expensive it is to raise a child and yet as new parents, we value their safety above all else. At infanttech, safety is our priority when it comes to all things baby. To that end, here's what to consider about using a pre-owned car seat.   

The answer is simple: Don’t use one! 

History – A car seat may have endured more than you know! 

A used car seat may not have all the original manufacturer parts, stickers, and manual. There is no CarFax®️ for car seats to better understand a car seat's history. Maybe the car seat sustained damage from a car collision or from being checked-in on a plane. There is no way to know everything that someone else's car seat experienced. A used car seat will not bring more peace of mind compared to a new one.   

Did you know, car seat manufacturers are required to meet federal safety standards at only 30mph? So if a car seat has endured an accident at a greater speed, it may not be safe to use.  

When it comes to your baby, why take the risk?  


Expiration – Who would have thought that car seats can expire? 

Expiration dates are guidelines based on technological advancements, changing safety standards, diminishing quality with use, safety recalls, and damage. There is no U.S. government regulation requiring car seats to have an expiration date but many manufacturers include a date for your family's protection.  

To find the expiration date, check under the car seat or on the frame. Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) urges parents to avoid car seats without expiration dates that are more than 6 years from the manufacture date. Since car seats tend to expire after only 6 years, you get much more usage buying a new one. 


Recalls - You've got enough stress caring for an infant, why add more? 

Even if a used car seat is within its expiration date, further research is required to check if the car seat has been recalled. Many manufacturers require proof of purchase before making car seat repairs, which only the original owner would have. The best way to avoid a recalled car seat and to make sure a car seat is repairable if it becomes recalled, is to buy a new car seat. Retailers immediately remove recalled car seats from their shelves making it highly unlikely that it'll have been recalled at the point-of-sale. 


Safety - When your whole world is in your becomes a priority!

Driving/traveling is already one of the most stressful times for parents, therefore we highly do not recommend used car seats. The safer the journey, the better! We do recommend accessories that can help your peace of mind while driving, such as a: 

  • First-aid kit 
  • Baby on Board decal 
  • Car baby monitor (hint, hint: zooby, crash-tested baby monitor for cars!) 

    infanttech's zooby®️ Baby Monitor is a safer alternative to a baby mirror. It provides a live feed with audio onto a monitor that has night vision so you can see, hear, and know that your baby is okay. With zooby®️, you can take quick glances at your child while focusing on the road. zooby®️ can be plugged directly to a vehicle via adapter or it can be used wirelessly with its rechargeable battery, making it portable for the car and beyond. Plus, zooby®️ was crash tested to the same standards as car seats!

    We here at infanttech wish you safe travels and happy drives with your little ones. When your whole world is in the backseat, let zooby®️ help keep you and your family safe.