How We Make Lemonade

How We Make Lemonade

How We Make Lemonade


Photo by Dominika Roseclay

The Big Break

When we first launched in 2013 we were so excited to participate in our first trade show- we prepped for weeks and were even nominated for an Innovation Award! During this time a social media influencer, who focused on child car safety, was aggressively shaming our very first prototype of zooby® Car Baby Monitor... we didn't win the award.

The influencer insisted our zooby® was not safe because it could become a projectile in the car. We were like, "What's a projectile?"

Well, it's anything that can fly around in the car during an accident that could potentially harm or even kill a child, or any passenger for that matter.

Guess what? That social media influencer was right.

Growing Pains

We studied projectiles and after much trial and error we found the perfect solution! We added a secure buckle + Velcro safety strap combo. We even ran a sled crash test to ensure that it wouldn't become a projectile and was awarded a crash test approval. 

Luckily we got informed before any full production runs and no zooby® since has been sold without the additional safety straps and crash test approval. Thank you social media influencer!

What we thought was devastating news ended up being a God-send. That's how we roll, making lemonade out of lemons.

Our team wants to ensure that your family is safe and we take listening to feedback seriously. We have always, and will always, prioritize safety to make our products even better.

We have now dedicated ourselves to becoming experts in and leading the conversation on child car safety. Our Co-Founder, Giuseppe, even became a Certified Passenger Safety Technician! 

infanttech Cares

We are so excited to announce that we are building a non-profit site, and we can't wait for you to check it out. We want to facilitate conversations about being safe in the car- from using the right car seat, bringing awareness to distracted driving with children, understanding moms postpartum experiences and how that affects driving, to giving tips to creating new habits that help prevent forgetting baby in the car. We are passionate about sharing this information with new parents; Our mission is to save lives.

We are very grateful to have participated in that first trade show and become part of the network that had connected us to that unforgettable social media influencer- without them we wouldn't be who we are today.


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