Projectiles in the Car

Projectiles in the Car

Projectiles in the Car

When you have kids to drive around, lots of stuff ends up in the car- It’s bound to happen!  But did you know loose items in your car can become a projectile? Before we get into exactly how to protect yourself and family from projectiles, what exactly is a projectile?

What is a projectile?

It all comes down to Newton's First Law of Motion: an object in motion stays in motion. Unsecured items in the car will launch out of place when your car suddenly stops, because objects continue to move forward until they're stopped by something else. That means that if you're involved in a car accident or slam on the breaks all of that unsecured stuff can go flying and hit you or your children and cause serious injury. Simply restraining and securing objects will stop them from staying in motion. 

Only Carry What You Need

Somethings you should maybe consider leaving at home, others you gotta take in the car, because let's be honest, some of this stuff is needed! Coffee, sippy cups, chargers, phones, backpacks, extra diapers and spare changes of clothes, snacks, first-aid kit, etc. But where can you put all this stuff and know it's safe? Luckily, most vehicles offer safer designated storage spaces- so use them! Refer to your cars manual to review the specific location of your storage spaces.


Many vehicles have storage compartments near the front seat and front passenger seat. The glove compartment and center consoles offer the safest storage since they completely close shut.  Side door pockets are a good spot for things like canteens, heavy cups and books.Other useful items to store in the storage in the front of your car include a first-aid kit, tire pressure gauge, windshield breaker and a seat belt cutter. We always urge drivers to follow hands free laws of their area when dealing with electronics. Surprisingly it can vary drastically, so you'll have to do a little research about your states regulations when dealing with hands free devices. Be sure you select a safe mounting system. Do not use weak mounting options like "non-slip" pads, clips, or magnets. In an accident, these mounting options will not hold and will causing a monitor screen or phone to become a projectile and potentially cause serious injuries. 

Back Seats

The floorboard is not necessarily a designated storage space, but putting items like backpacks or small groceries down there is the best option when there is no other space. Always be sure that the space behind, in front of, and near a child's car seat is not blocked or cluttered so that it does not interfere with it's installation- nothing should be touching the car seat.  When you're picking up kids from school, putting their backpacks by their feet is a good option. This can also remind your kids not to wear backpacks while buckled in, which is also dangerous. Be sure to double check your cars manual about storing items under/against vehicle seats! Don't forget about the pocket's behind your seat and passenger seat as well, it's a good place to store books, manuals, maps and other lighter things. 


The trunks is the safest place to store and items because they are the furthest away and usually completely enclosed. If your trunk is not enclosed, like in many SUVs, vans and hatchbacks, there is usually a screen/cover that will close off the top. There are also usually cargo hooks as well. Be sure to pack heavier items toward the bottom and lighter items toward the top.

Stay Safe

Each family needs different things with them in the car, but be sure to only bring the necessities with you. Clean out your car frequently, be aware of the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines and use your cars designated storage spaces. Do not assume all products for the car are safe because they are on the market, not all products have safety regulations. Be sure to look for products that are crash tested.

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