Soothing Baby in the Car

Soothing Baby in the Car

Soothing Baby in the Car


One of the most heart wrenching sounds a parent hears is their baby crying. And it's just that much more heartbreaking in the car where you can't really do much to comfort baby. While driving, figuring out why baby is crying it only half the battle. How do you comfort a baby in the car when most of the go to tricks only work outside a car seat?! 

Why is Baby Crying in the Car?

Baby's cry for so so many reason, but in the car, usually the culprits are:


  • Not liking being restricted in the car seat 
  • They wants attention
  • They’re uncomfortable i.e., too hot, too cold, motion sick, straps are too tight etc.
  • They’re hungry
  • They need a diaper change
  • They’re tired
  • The sun in their eyes
  • They're bored

How to Comfort Your Crying Baby

In the car the why doesn’t always matter as much, because you can’t always just park the car on the side of the freeway to figure it out. So if never leaving the house or going anywhere beyond walking distance isn't your jam, try these tips!


  • Try car seat swaddling if your baby likes to be swaddle (Watch this video to make sure you do it safely!)
  • Keep comfort items in the car, like a pacifier or favorite blanket
  • Play their favorite song and sing to them
  • Play soothing calm music
  • Crack the window  for instant white noise
  • Speak in a slightly louder than normal voice continuously. It doesn't matter what you say- nursery rhymes or just gibberish. It's DIY white noise with their favorite sound, your voice!
  • Try zooby Baby Monitor, the cute plush soothes baby (and the monitor screen soothes mamma lol)
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