zooby® Baby Monitor | Cooper canino


zooby® es un vigilabebés multiusos diseñado para padres, por padres. Utilice el monitor inalámbrico para estar tranquilo en la carretera y más allá. 

en el coche, zooby® le permite controlar fácilmente a los pequeños que miran hacia atrás o hacia adelante mientras mantiene la vista en la carretera de manera segura. Lleve el monitor portátil y fácil de viajar a cualquier lugar, ¡desde las vacaciones hasta la casa de la abuela!

🙌 Fácil de configurar.

🔐 Conexión directa segura, ¡no se necesita internet!

🔎Cuello flexible ajustable para una vista perfecta.

🔋 Use y cargue sobre la marcha.

🌙 Cámara HD con visión nocturna.

- (1) Cámara de felpa
- (1) Pantalla de monitor
- (1) Cable de carga de monitor de 3 pies
- (1) Cable de carga de cámara USB tipo C de 8 pies
- (2) adaptadores de coche USB
- (2) Bloque de carga USB para el hogar
- (1) Soporte para monitor de automóvil
- (1) Clip de soporte para monitor
- (1) Batería de iones de litio de 1700 mAh incorporada (duración de la batería de 5 horas)
- (1) Manual de instrucciones
- Garantía de 6 meses

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

The battery life is definitely NOT getting you places. We were so excited to get this, but disappointed afterwards. The picture is great! My daughter loves the dog. But… you have to turn both the viewing monitor and the plush camera units off manually after each use. And even then the battery died before a single day was done. There really should be cord option.


Camera quality is horrible


Great little camera. Doubles as a stuffed animal toy for kiddo to cuddle and play (gently) with. The camera part needs to be plugged in pretty much constantly. The screen part holds a charge for about 4 days with about 20-30 min daily use. It’s a little annoying to have to turn both parts on every time. It would be better if you only had to turn the screen on. Another note: The car adapters provided are pretty cheap quality. One of ours quit working within a couple of months. Easy and cheap to replace; and most people probably have at least one in their car for charging their cell phone, that can be used to also charge or run either the screen or the camera of the Zooby.


Love the camera system, but keep the car charger handy as the battery doesn’t last long


I love this product, however I noticed the battery dies very quickly.