zooby® Baby Monitor FAQ (2024)

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Is zooby® legal to use in the car?

Check your local Hands Free Laws

Please use zooby® responsibly and always comply with your local and state laws. When deciding the placement of zooby® in the car, consider the placement and use of other hands free devices: navigation systems, mounted cell phones, radios, built-in center console screens, and more.

Some hands-free laws specifically forbid mounting on a vehicle’s windshield. Placing a hands-free device on dashboards or attached to the center consoles can be a viable alternative, as long as it does not obstruct the driver’s view of the road.

Each state has varying degrees of laws regarding the use of hands-free electronics in the car. Some states have very clear guidelines, and some states do not discuss hands free electronics at all. It is the users responsibility to be knowledgeable of and comply with the laws of their area.

In our home state of California, drivers can mount hands-free electronics on their vehicles' windshield at the lowest corner of either the driver side or the passenger side windshield. Our live feed video monitor screen is "a visual display used to enhance or supplement the driver’s view forward", allowing a driver to keep their eyes forward toward the road.

Please email support at hello@infanttech.com for more info.

Is zooby® safe to use  in the car?

infanttech is proud that our zooby® is crash tested! An independent lab simulated a car crash to certify zooby® would NOT become a projectile. We used the same rigorous merit test that infant car seats go through. Read more on safety information Here


How to connect zooby®

The plush camera uses a 2.4GHz peer-to-peer radio frequency to display a live feed on the monitor screen. This creates a secure connection with no WIFI or data needed. You only need to pair a camera to a monitor once, it'll auto-connect afterwards.

Turn on the monitor screen: Hold down the Power button for 5 seconds. The LED light will start flashing.

Turn on the camera: Open the velcro bottom of the plush and turn the camera On by slider the slider switch to ON position.

Your camera and monitor should be paired when opening,
if not, please follow these steps:

Pair the monitor screen: Give the Pair pinhole button a quick tap using a paperclip or toothpick. The light on the top left of the monitor screen will begin flashing to indicate it is in pairing mode.

Now quickly push down and release the pairing button on the CAMERA for 1 second.

You will see the video from the camera once the pairing
is complete. The green power light will stop flashing and turn solid green. You should begin streaming as long as the camera and monitor are within 100ft from each other. The green light will turn solid. (If it fails to pair, the flashing will not stop until it is turned off or the battery dies)

How to connect 2 zoobys to 1 monitor

To Pair second camera, quickly press the power button on the
MONITOR to show screen for camera 2 (there will be a #2 on
the top left of the screen). Then repeat steps 2 - 4 above for
second camera.

Camera View Options:
• Sequence of screens are:
o Initial turn on screen - Camera 1
o Press power button one time - Camera 2
o Press power button two times - Split Screen (Camera 1 and 2)

Is there an app?

No, zooby® automatically connects with its monitor screen via 2.4GHz peer-to-peer radio frequency, with no internet needed.

Monitor Screen

2-in-1 zooby®️

Changing viewing channels

Quickly press the Power button to cycle to the next channel.

Sequence of channels
Initial screen when powered on: zooby camera 1
Press power button once: zooby camera 2
Press power button twice: Split screen


Night Mode

In the dark, the infrared lights are automatic and your camera feed will turn grayscale. Note: IR lights do not provide light, they increase visibility.


The monitor does not record, which is beneficial, because it does not use WIFI/data (a security/privacy and bandwidth issue) and does not use up memory (a storage issue).


The zooby plush camera has a microphone that transmits audio through the monitor's speaker. The monitor does not have a microphone.


No Video

Check the DC power or battery on the camera. Make sure the camera and monitor are in effective range. Make sure you are on the correct screen mode (press Power once to toggle between channels).


Move the monitor and plush farther apart. Turn down the volume on the monitor (side button). Make sure the battery is charged.


Move the monitor and camera away from other wireless devices.

Weak or no reception

Make sure both units are turned on. Move plush closer to the monitor. Make sure batteries are charged on both plush and monitor.


 Does zooby work with Apple CarPlay®️?

No. Try connecting through the car adapter, rather than by USB, or use zooby wirelessly (charge using a home outlet). Even though zooby cannot connect to any other device except its monitor, sometimes the vehicle gets confused as to which device you'd like it to connect to.

Does zooby work with Tesla®️?

The buckle fits around the headrest but the velcro doesn't close due to the headrest being larger than standard and being non-adjustable.

If your rear-facing baby is in the center seat and there is no center headrest, secure zooby on a neighboring headrest and bend the zooby's neck at an angle.


How long does the camera last?

You can use zooby with the provided USB cable (a car adapter is also included) or, you can use zooby wirelessly with the rechargeable 1400mAh lithium battery.

Using wirelessly

The camera does not display its battery percentage. The camera shares its battery status with the use of light signals. Undo the velcro on the bottom of the zooby to check the battery status. When the camera is paired with the monitor screen but the camera's battery is flashing green, that indicates that the battery is dying.

Charge it in a home wall outlet for 5+ hours. When charging, the light will turn red. On a full charge, zooby lasts 4+ hours.

Turn off the camera when not in use to conserve battery. zooby does not automatically turn on/off when the vehicle ignition turns on/off.

To prevent melting, do not leave the battery in the car on a sweltering day. If zooby will not be used for a long period of time, use a Phillips screw driver (not included) to remove the battery in order to prevent corrosion. 

Use while plugged in

You can use zooby without the battery by plugging zooby directly to a vehicle or home outlet. zooby is not intended to get fully charged through a vehicle.

Turn off the camera when not in use. zooby does not automatically turn on/off when the vehicle ignition turns on/off. To avoid battery damage, do not leave zooby permanently plugged in.

If using zooby in a nursery, do not place the camera in the crib. Any cables must be at least 3 feet away from your baby.

How long does the monitor screen last?

You can use the monitor with a USB or car adapter or you can use it wirelessly with the rechargeable battery. The monitor displays the battery percentage on the top right corner. Prior to first use, charge the monitor in a home wall outlet for 4+ hours. When fully charged, the red LED light will disappear. On a full charge, the monitor should last 4+ hours.

Turn off the monitor when not in use. The monitor does not automatically turn on/off when the vehicle ignition turns on/off. Remove from direct heat to prevent permanent damage.


Rear-facing Car Seat

Wrap zooby’s arms around the backseat headrest post that is directly in front of the car seat. Attach the palms together with the Velcro then attach the safety buckle straps and pull for a snug fit around the headrest post. Push the headrest all the way down.

Forward Facing Car Seat

Wrap zooby’s arms around the front seat's headrest post directly in front of the toddler car seat. Attach the palms together with the Velcro then attach the safety buckle straps and pull for a snug fit around the headrest post. Push the headrest all the way down.



Wipe the camera lens and monitor with a microfiber cloth or a moistened lens wipe using circular movements until clean and dry.


Spot clean the fabric with a damp cloth as needed. Never hand or machine wash the zooby plush. Even if the camera unit is removed before washing the plush, the adhesive on the plastic nose will become damaged and cannot be re-glued. Any misuse will void the warranty.

Suction Cup Mount

Clean and dry the application surface. Rinse the surface of the suction cup with warm water, shake off excess, then apply the suction cup while still damp. If the suction cup has flattened out it may need to be replaced. To prevent damage from direct heat, store the mount in a cool, dry place.

Refocusing the Camera

Turn on the monitor for viewing. Insert a toothpick or paper clip into the hole on the plush camera's plastic nose; it should be in a 12 o'clock position. Gently rotate left or right, making sure the hole is aligned with the plastic opening.

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Cancellation is only available to items that have not yet shipped and have been purchased within the last 2 business days. Please contact hello@infanttech.com and be sure to include your order number.