Preventing Child Hot Car Deaths

Preventing Child Hot Car Deaths

Preventing Child Hot Car Deaths

In 2019 alone 52 children perished from being left in hot cars in the U.S. However, devastating child loss from heatstroke in a car is entirely preventable. Below are just a few tips to help keep your child from becoming the next statistic. 

1. Place something you keep with you always in the back seat 

A great way to ensure you check the backseat every time is to make sure you leave essentially set a back seat check reminder. Many parents experience the "auto-pilot" mind effect when driving- when this happens it's easy to just get out of the car and go, especially if driving your child at that particular time or place is not your usual routine. Put your phone, purse, or wallet in the back seat so that you are basically forced to check the back when you exit the car. You can also put your bag on the passenger seat for a visual reminder. Hands down the best tool for a backseat reminder is the zooby® kin Car Baby Monitor. Not only can you safely glance and check on baby way more easily than with a baby mirror, but your baby's cute little face will be right there on your dash when you park to be your reminder!


1. Accept that it can happen to anyone. Yes, even you.

Forgetting your baby in the car seems unthinkable. But the reality is that all parents who have experienced a loss this way also believed it would never happen to them. The first step to protect your child from a hot car death it to acknowledge that it can happen to anyone. With everything happening between a civil rights movement and a global pandemic, parents are extremely stressed. It's also important to acknowledged this so you can be as prepared as possible. Keep a first aid kit in your car at all times, especially instant cool packs and a seat belt cutter

3. Don't answer the phone call

When you are distracted you are more likely to not notice a child in the back. Eliminate distractions by turning your phone on do not disturb or driving mode, don't talk on the phone- even hands free, keep the radio at a lower volume. Pay attention to your immediate surroundings and be extra attentive to any children that are on the back seat. Regardless of the circumstances, no child should ever have to die by being unintentionally left behind in the car. Thankfully, by being vigilant and following the tips, a hot car death can be prevented. 

Note: In many states it's against the law to leave a child unattended in a car.

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