The Whole Conversation on Children's Safety in the Car

The Whole Conversation on Children's Safety in the Car

The Whole Conversation on Children's Safety in the Car

When it comes to our children's safety in the car, often the first thing to pop in people's heads is car seats. Though of course this is extremely important, there is more to the topic of safety in the car. It is important to also talk about sleep deprivation, distracted driving, and how to prep for changing routines.  These conversations can make a difference in saving a child's life! 


Sleep Deprivation 

It's safe to say that almost every parent or caregiver knows too well that sleep deprivation is real!  Lack of sleep takes a real toll on the body and mind- it can result in headaches, body aches, mood changes and, terrifyingly, it increases your chance of getting into a car accident. Be very mindful not to drive when you haven't slept well if you can avoid it.  Ask a loved one to take you somewhere if you really need to get somewhere! Linked here is a good read on the effects of sleep deprivation. 


Distracted Driving 

Having a child in the car automatically makes you distracted. A driver may be complying with a toddlers demands for chicken nuggets, or stressed out by that smelly diaper, or potentially concerned about not being able to see what their rear-facing baby is doing.  Did you know that first time parents' car accident rate rivals a teenagers accident rate? It's because they are distracted!

Side note: We kept this in mind when we created zooby, to ensure it was to be a safe tool in the car that will allow you to keep your eyes forward on the road and glance to see your precious cargo. 


Be Aware of Projectiles 

It's important to keep your car as clear of anything that could fly at your little one in the event that there is an accident.  We recommend you carry everything you need in the trunk.  Even little things, like tissue boxes, are safer in the trunk. 


Keep Your Phone in the Backseat Pocket 

The thought of forgetting your child in the car, and hot car deaths in general, is horrifying to say the least. There are too many stories where parents go into auto-pilot, and because having their child in the car with them was out of their normal routine, they forgot... These are horrific stories that can be prevented. One way to ensure that you will look in your back seat is by putting your cellphone in your back seat, maybe in the seat pocket. Having your cellphone is part of your daily routine, and this will force you to habitually check your back seat. Plus, you won't be tempted to talk, check or send texts and emails while driving. 

We hope this conversation helps bring safety awareness to your daily routines when driving with a baby in a car, it is part of our mission to help families by sharing this valuable information. So- get some sleep, lessen distractions, and nurture good habits!