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The Frazzled Parent’s Guide to Engaging Kids Stuck at Home

Guest Author: Derek Cannon


Being cooped up at home can be very hard for children. It’s just as hard for parents, too — maybe even more so. After all, it’s your job to deal with the mess, damage, tantrums, and more that come with kids bouncing off the walls, and it will certainly challenge you. The best solution is to introduce some structure into your stuck-at-home life incorporate activities that are fun enough to keep your kids engaged for hours on end, while also sneaking in learning opportunities for peak productivity. Here’s a list to get things started:

Keep Learning Fun

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Indoor Scavenger Hunts


Throw in Life Skills, Too

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Take it Outside (But Safely)

Having some engaging activities on hand will not only keep your kids busy but also keep you sane, too. You'll find you’re selves enjoying each other’s company, and there’s really no better way to spend time at home than that!

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